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we won cool awards !

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In 2018, you’ve made our Free-the-Goat Cheese the proud winner of the Peta Vegan Food Awards and we are so grateful for your incredible love and support!

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In 2017, we won Best in category Food with our Camembert and Best in category Media for this very website !


We are proud to introduce our new eco-packaging

We believe that we all have a responsibility to do our share for the planet, and that's why at each step of our process - from transporting the nuts to shipping the cheese -, we try our hardest to reduce our environmental impact.
A big challenge has been to find eco-friendly options for the wrapping of our products.
But we are thrilled to announce that we now use 100% recycled and recyclable packagings !
We are replacing our plastic vacuum-seal bags with very thin plastic cups made out of 30% plants. That means we use a lot less plastic, and it can now be recycled in PET.
The cardboard strip around the cups is now made of 100% plant-waste material and is co2 neutral.
Read more about it here.

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