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Our Story

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New Roots is the result of Alice & Freddy's very big dream : crafting vegan cheese. It took a lot of work, intrepidity, and a pinch of craziness, like big dreams do.

Alice studied Social Anthropology in Paris, while Freddy was traveling with his downhill bike racing World Cups around the globe. So I guess you could say we weren't exactly predisposed to end up making cheese.

We met in the south of France, and not long after realised together that veganism was the only way to practice unconditional justice.

As new vegans, we heard our fair share of myths about "humane slaughter" or "protein deficiency", but what came up most often was how people apparently couldn't live without cheese. This resonated with us to some degree, since we are cheese lovers -but somehow we didn't think our tastebuds should prevail over the lives of other sentient beings.

But that got us wondering : what if we could discard this excuse altogether and come up with an artisanal, tasty and exploitation-free alternative to cheese ?

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When Freddy got seriously injured in 2015 and had to stay home for months, he started experimenting in our kitchen, first with kale chips, then with cheese from homemade nut milks. Before we knew it, he was selling his kale chips at the local organic shop (thank you Ökoladen for trusting us since the very beginning!) and had bought all kind of scary equipment to further his tasty projects!

After a trip to Indonesia where we went on a raw organic cashew hunt, it was settled: Alice would join New Roots.

It sounds like a line, but it's truly been an adventure, and we are forever grateful for the trust and love that we've been given along the way.

We will keep showing our gratitude by doing what we do best - that's right, cheese!


our Process

We selected the farm we get our cashews from according to the exceptional quality of their nuts and their human rights standards.

The social and employment conditions of the workers of this farm are strictly controlled on a trimestrial basis.

The way the cashews are handled, steamed and dried, insures that they are free of toxic substances that occur when they're overheated. On our visit to this cashew farm in Indonesia, we learned all about about cashew farming in great detail.

From the moment we receive the nuts, every step of our process is handmade.

Soaking, mixing, filling the moulds, coating the fresh cheeses in herbs, setting them in ripening cells to age, and finally packing them, we work carefully, all by hand.

Avoiding shortcuts of mass production, we will never not make artisanal cheese!

Dont hesitate to email us if you have any question about our process.

our Team

We are still building our team, we will add more details soon but what you need to know about our team is : we are all ethical vegans, and we care about diversity and equal rights.

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